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Introducing Astro Cones, the revolutionary glow-in-the-dark rolling papers from Astronomical Cones. Handcrafted with natural rice paper, Astro Cones guarantee a tasteless and smooth smoking experience.


Our product boasts an array of benefits: Ultra Thin, Non-GMO, Non-Bleached, Non-Colored (Soy Bean Extract), 100% Cruelty-Free, 100% Pesticide-Free, and 100% Non-Toxic. We proudly call the ingredient 'Space Dust'. 


Space Dust, our unique element compound, is a friendly earth component that naturally falls, posing no harm to legal herb users. With exceptional heat-resistant properties, it withstands fiery launches, falling off with ash just before inhalation. Safe for skin contact, it washes off easily with water, no soap needed. Non-toxic to humans, Space Dust ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all legal users.


Accompanying each pack is the Astro Space Light, designed to enhance your experience. With a smooth motion, illuminate your cone for a bright and unforgettable journey through the galaxies. Some cones shine so brightly they're visible from afar—impress your friends and capture the moment! Enjoy your mission responsibly, astronaut.


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Containing 100% natural rice paper and pesticide-free ingredients, Astro Cones guarantee a slow burn and a tasteless, crispy-thin experience. Organically dried and non-GMO, they are cruelty-free and environmentally friendly rice paper.

Surprise your guests with these amazing glow cones, perfect for any occasion. Store in a cool, dark place for freshness. Once shipped, you'll receive tracking information. Note: May contain soy or foodgrade related ingredients.


Astro’s Space Cones | 6pcs King Sized Glow Cones

  • 6x HandMade Premium Rice : Pre Rolled Rolling Paper Cones 

    Material: Premium Rice Paper
    King Sized Cones: 98 x 44 cm Filter: 26 mm
    Color: Black (Color From Soy Bean Extract 0.3%)
    (May be made with wheat or wheat related Ingredients)
    Effect: Glow In The Dark Space Bright Blue

    (Note: This does not mean that every cone that is produced by ASTRO|Astronomical Cones is a healthier alternative)

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